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Messrs W & R Massie

Messrs W & R Massie is a food establishment near the otherSettlement of Kirkton of Culsalmond and has the category of Farmers - Growers.

Messrs W & R Massie was last inspected by Food Safety Officers from Aberdeenshire Council on Wed 22 May 2013 and was awarded a Food Safety Score of Exempt.

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Near Kirkton of Culsalmond AB52 6UP

Last updated 19th September 2020

Food Hygiene Rating for Messrs W & R Massie

Food Score
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Details of last Food Safety Inspection
Food hygiene rating: Exempt:
Date of Last Food Safety Inspection: 2013-05-22
Food Score
Food Business Type: Farmers - Growers

Messrs W & R Massie

AB52 6UP
Name of Local Authority responsible for Food Hygiene; Aberdeenshire
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