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Marykirk School

Marykirk School is a food establishment in the village of Marykirk and has the category of School - College - University.

Marykirk School was last inspected by Food Safety Officers from Aberdeenshire Council on Thu 10 Nov 2011 and was awarded a Food Safety Score of Pass.

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In Marykirk AB30 1UZ

Last updated 30th July 2021

Food Hygiene Rating for Marykirk School

Food Score
Map of Marykirk School
Details of last Food Safety Inspection
Food hygiene rating: Pass:
Date of Last Food Safety Inspection: 2011-11-10
Food Score
Food Business Type: School - College - University

Marykirk School

Marykirk School
Kirktonhill Road
Marykirk, Laurencekirk
AB30 1UZ
Name of Local Authority responsible for Food Hygiene; Aberdeenshire
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